Training A Golden Retriever The “Get it” Command

Training A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are called “retrievers” because fetching is wired in their brains. It’s natural to them. The best thing about training a Golden Retriever fetching is that they learn easily and they never get bored doing it.

I know you read the title of this article is about “Training A Golden Retriever The “Get it” Command”. The question is “Why would you like to train your dog the “Get it” command?”

Training a Golden Retriever is a kind of obedience training. Restraining your dog to fetch something is harder than simply fetching it. Like I said, it is in a Golden Retriever’s instinct to retrieve things. If you make them wait before they are allowed to get it, it shows a form of submission and obedience. And again, obedience training is what will bring you a well-behaved dog.

Now, how can you train a Golden Retriever the command “Get it” from scratch? In this article, I’ll give you step by step instructions to training a golden retriever.

First Step To Training a Golden Retriever The “Get it” Command – Teach Him To “Fetch”

Training a Golden Retriever to fetch is a piece of cake. I don’t have to write it here! But just to make sure everything’s covered, here’s how:

Training a Golden Retriever

  1. You will need two objects of the exact same kind. It could be a ball or a toy rope
  2. Throw one away, and say fetch, then walk toward the opposite side from where you threw it to. Surely, your golden retriever will fetch it for you then run towards you
  3. When that happens, make your dog come to you by calling his name or waving the other object you have
  4. Retrieve the first object, then throw the other one, and walk the opposite side way again

Then you will just have to do the same thing until your dog is an expert in fetching. After some time, even you can tell your dog is a pro if he can catch a Frisbee on mid-air.

Second Step To Training a Golden Retriever The “Get it” Command – Teach Him To “Wait”

This is going to be quite challenging. Training a Golden Retriever to “wait” and not to fetch something immediately is against their will. This part of training a Golden Retriever will require a lot of treats. Here’s how you can train your dog to “wait”:

  1. Training a golden retrieverMake your Golden Retriever sit
  2. Practice “wait” by simply throwing the ball (or a toy) at a short distance
  3. Hold the collar of your dog and tell him “wait”. Remind him to “sit” as well
  4. Give your dog a treat and praise him if he obeyed the command “wait”

Simply repeat the steps and gradually lengthen the distance of throw. Remember to praise your dog as well when he is doing well in training.

Third Step To Training a Golden Retriever The “Get it” Command – Teach Him “Get it”

By this point, your dog should already know the words “fetch” and “wait”.

The “get it” command may be effectively used for different obedience training scenarios. In my case, I use it when feeding my dog. Stopping a Golden Retriever from eating their food is a good sign of leadership. You can do the same thing when giving your dog a treat or a toy.

Here’s how you can train a Golden Retriever the “get it” command:

  1. Training a Golden RetrieverStart with your dog in a sitting position again
  2. Throw the ball at a short distance, then tell your dog to “wait”
  3. Point your finger to the ball and say “get it” in a very lively voice, encouraging your dog to get the ball
  4. Give your dog a treat and praise him if he responds to the command “get it”
Training a Golden Retriever is usually easy because Golden Retrievers are a smart breed of dogs usually used for bomb sniffing. On the other hand, the trainer has to have a lot of patience.

Fourth Step To Training a Golden Retriever The “Get it” Command – Practice With Different Objects

This part of training a Golden Retriever is listed here to make sure your dog will not always retrieve the first toy or ball you used for training him when you say “get it”. I know that is silly but it can actually happen if you only use one toy forever!

Anyhow, going back to the point, use different toys, treats, or even dog food when you are training a Golden Retriever. Someday, you can even name different things and train your retriever to “get beer”, get phone”, or “get slippers”.

Reminders when training a Golden Retriever:

  • The key to training a Golden retriever is positive reinforcement

  • Use positive reinforcement when training a Golden Retriever, or any other dogs

  • Training a Golden Retriever should be kept short (about 15 mins) but done often

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